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Quarantine: The Loners - Lex Thomas I'm in a bit of a bind for time right now, but I wanted to post my thoughts on this book. It's enjoyable in a lot of ways, though there were times when I was very frustrated with some of the characters. Of course, that's part of the interesting bit when it comes to reading about teenagers... They can be very frustrating and be realistic. I got a vibe from this book of it being strongly aimed at boys - a lot of the points of view that we get in the book are from the boys. Not so much about the plot, because I'm of the opinion that both genders can and will and should read any book they like. Just something about the book made me think the author had boys in mind as he was writing. More here... - Short on believability factor. Having just finished reading Blackout, I can't help but compare it to Feed where the explanations were scientific and logical, everything backed up and well fleshed out. Right from the very beginning in that series, everything was very well laid out and I never once doubted that the science was well thought out. Here, I'm not so sure. - It feels a bit like it's checking off the dystopia boxes - children separated from adults, divided into factions, death. Sound familiar? - Grating and yet realistic, the relationship between Dave and his brother Will - but you can't help but want them to get along. - Not enough background to draw you into why you should sympathise with any of the characters. I knew that I was supposed to sympathise with Dave, but sometimes I really questioned why. I would have liked more reasons to want him to succeed. - The writing is crude in some ways, felt unnnecessary. I don't have specific examples on hand, but that was the impression I was left with. - The writing is a bit jerky, at times - for example 'the girls reached out and touched him with affection' - just distracting from what I'm reading, when I read lines like this. On the one hand, the imagery is effective, on the other hand, it doesn't fit what I expect a teenage boy to be thinking. - A bit too 'Lord of The Flies', at times.It was an interesting read, but I felt it lacked some of the depth it could have had. A bit too intent on painting a very grim landscape without necessarily delving in to how you get there, that sort of thing. Still, I'd be interested in reading the next book and seeing if we get more depth there.