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Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage - Kody Brown,  Janelle Brown,  Christine Brown,  Robyn Brown,  Meri Brown I liked this book. I find it difficult to 'rate' non-fiction that's about people's lives - it feels a bit like I'd be rating how interesting their life was, or something along those lines. The best part of this book, for me, was the insight into what Janelle, Meri, Christine and Robyn have experienced in their marriages to Kody. Their struggles and triumphs, and also their perspective on their choice and living with that choice. Janelle's story especially was fascinating to me - she chose Kody for faith and practical reasons, and love has sprung out of that over the years. Realising how hard these women have had to work, and how open they have had to be, really makes me admire them. Being a plural spouse is not easy and these women seem to handle it a lot better than I could ever imagine doing so. I admire their dedication and faith. I'll admit that at times I was irritated with the impression of Kody that I was getting in the book - it came across a bit as a young kid, thinking 'Oh, this is great, I can be married to multiple women!' But he's stuck it out for the long haul, so I respect his determination as well. I'd recommend this to anyone who has enjoyed the show, it's interesting to get their perspective on things.