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One Moment - Kristina McBride One Moment is a book about Maggie Reynolds, a teenage girl going into what she thinks will be the best summer of her life. She loves her boyfriend, she has four awesome friends, and everything seems to be going her way. This book is one that brings alive what it means to be a teenager as their summer takes a sudden turn, spinning on a moment that takes one of them away forever, and threatens to tear their group apart. The writing in this book drew me in - it is incredibly descriptive and lyrical, so much so that at times if I closed my eyes after reading a sentence, I could exactly picture that in my head. Lush summer days, the rush of first love, days at the beach - it's there, painted in words across the page, and I really enjoyed it. That's exactly what a book should do, and it made the pages leap by, taking me into Maggie's head as she struggles to cope with her feelings. She's a teenage girl who is incredibly in love with her boyfriend, whose life up until now has been incredibly normal.. School and homework, friendship, summer and swimming and parties. Then everything changes in the span of one afternoon - the description for this book is very accurate, here. It shows how everything can change in an instant. The rest of the book takes us through Maggie's memories, and her struggles to deal with the realization that nothing is quite as perfect as it seems, including her friends and Joey, and how she finds her way forward from having her life fall apart around her. I found all of the characters very believable, here, and it seemed to be an accurate examination of what it's like to lose someone and then find out that on top of them being gone forever, they're not who you thought they were. Maggie's pain is very real as she deals with the loss of Joey and then slowly realizes that the people around her have been holding things back, including one of her closest friends, Adam. Through her thoughts and memories we see her struggle to deal with her heartache and pain over losing Joey, and the pain of realizing that he was never quite the person that she thought he was. Tanna, Shannon and Adam come alive through Maggie's eyes, and through them you sometimes see Maggie reflected back - the expectations that she has, and how naive they think she has been, in some ways. And even if Maggie can't see their pain, it comes across in their conversations, things that Maggie notices but might not understand - that was one thing that stood out to me about the writing in this book. The book isn't completely perfect, which is why I only gave it four stars. The sessions with the therapist - the one part that I would have changed a bit. Coming off of the whirlwind of emotions that the rest of the book has explored, it feels too rushed - I didn't feel it quite matched, that the characters or the reader is quite ready for it. Overall I found this book to be one that touched me. I could feel Maggie's pain, confusion and frustration, and it was easy to sympathise with her situation as she deals with her loss and her memories, and finding a way forward. Life as a teenager isn't as easy as we like to think, sometimes. An e-galley was generously provided through Netgalley for review.