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A Beautiful Evil - Kelly Keaton Hm. A light, enjoyable read, but I wanted more from it, and at times the characters frustrated me. The book picks up pretty much where the first one left off, which makes it easy when you're reading the books back to back like I was.One thing I did like, though, was the exploration of Athena's personality and her madness after so many years - the lengths that she is willing to go to, and the things that are normal for her but horrify others.Once again I felt that the conflict was too rushed and resolved too quickly, at the end - and a key moment between Sebastian and Ari wasn't even really addressed. She does something to save him, but the consequences or reaction to it aren't even really touched on at all, and at this point if it's brought up in the next book it'll feel tacked on. Still, a fun little read, and I won't mind picking up the next one.