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Bitten - Kelley Armstrong Downgrading my rating of this. Trying to reread and I find myself skipping most of the explanation and build up - it's not holding my attention at all, even though it should be. The first sex scene with Clay and Elena bothers me, as even though it ends as consensual, it starts out very much not consensual, and I don't like that Kelley Armstrong chose to go there. It rubs me the wrong way even on re-reads. I don't like what it says about Clay as a character and I have too much experience with human men pushing their boundaries to have patience for the mental 'oh but he's a werewolf who can't control himself' that I need to make to excuse that scene. The men grate at me, too, even though they want to protect Elena. They protect her by being controlling bastards, and I would have liked to see Kelley Armstrong buck the whole 'pack control' thing instead of using it to make it so easy to have the woman be submissive to the others. Clay is submissive as well, but Elena seems to be at the bottom of the pack chain. Ugh. I don't know. I thought that maybe on a second read I wouldn't have as many issues with this book but I still do. With a fantasy animal like the werewolf I would have liked to see the author use the fantasy element instead of invoking pack order and the inevitable control the males have over the females. that's my problem with it - it's a conscious choice on the part of the author.I'm going to try some of the other books in this series because I don't have as many negative memories of them, but this one still remains a disappointment to me.