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Spell Bound - Rachel Hawkins My thoughts coming into this book were that it was a nice little trilogy so far. It hadn't blown me out of the water, but I liked Sophie and her spunk - her sense of humour, and that she felt real. She was torn between two boys, she wasn't sure whether she wanted her powers, she was conflicted about her father and she cared a lot about her best friend. This book left me with a sense of wanting more - I created a new tag, actually, though I'm sure it'll be used on other books that I read. I just wanted more. When you spend three books building up to a climax, I guess I just expect more of it than for it all to be over within a matter of ages. Mrs Casnoff and Cal did more to save the day than Sophie did, I felt, and that disappointed me - I want a female heroine who kicks butt all the way to the end, and isn't rescued by others. I wanted to learn more about the Brannicks, more about the villains, more about Sophie's feelings about Cal and Archer. I was also incredibly saddened by Cal's death - it felt like a cheap resolution to the romance subplot, which I didn't feel was completely resolved before this happened. Elodie basically implying that she'll 'wear him down' didn't sit right with me, either.That's why I ended up giving this one three stars - it was good, but I wanted more from it. It doesn't disappoint, but it doesn't surprise, either.