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Love You Forever - Robert Munsch, Sheila McGraw I'm a bit surprised reading the reviews for this book, but then I wondered if many of the readers have taken the time to think about how children's books often take the normal and alter them to be slightly outside the boundaries. Munsch in particular deals with extremes all the time in his books, and this one is no different. Also, these are all reviews from an adult perspective, looking at things in an adult way - most kids books are creepy if you look at them this way, actually. Remembering this book from the perspective of a kid, I remember viewing it as slightly silly - a mother going all the way across town to rock her grown child - and also reassuring at the same time. Kids love the absurd and they love the idea that their parents will love them forever. When you're five you're not thinking it's creepy and stalkery, you're thinking that it's cool that this mom loves their little boy that much.And there's a lesson at the end, too - that kids should love their parents in return, and take care of them. It's still a book I would read to kids. Kids don't expect their books to be 100% rooted in reality, and that's why absurdist concepts work so well for them.