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Ignite - Erica Crouch Ignite is one of those books that has a lot of potential to it, and I wanted it to be more than it is, in the end.The book focuses around Penemuel, a demon who fell millenia ago and whose life revolves around her brother and their ascent back up through the social ladder of Hell. Life revolves around killing and reaping souls, and up until now that's been enough for her.Then an angel comes along and everything changes. Heaven and hell are at war and Pen and Michael are caught in the middle.If anything my biggest complaint about this book was that I wanted more. More depth, more time spent on the development of relationships, more angst and uncertainty as Pen's very point of view starts to shift. The writing is descriptive and engaging, drawing you in to the world that Erica Crouch has created - but throughout I found myself questioning how someone who has followed a way of life for millenia could change so quickly, and the end of the book left me thinking the developments felt rushed.This is the first of two books, and I almost think that it could have been a trilogy if only there was more depth to it. At times it feels more like an outline than the true meat of the story - although we are in Pen's head, sometimes it seemed we were being told how she felt, rather than having it shown. Her history with her brother stretches back millenia, yet in the space of a very short period of time we are expected to believe that her very view of the world changes.The book is more romance than drama, which is a pity, because I would have liked to see more of the actual developments that Pen seemed removed from. She obviously knows how to take care of herself, but we're left watching her in a role where she's supposed to be deceitful, but instead it revolves more around the romance.I imagine fans of paranormal romance will quite enjoy this, though, and as I said, there's potential here. It's a nice read, but it doesn't have the depth to take it to being truly memorable. Note: I received an ARC of this book through Netgalley for review.