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When the Sea is Rising Red - Cat Hellisen I enjoyed this book, though I found myself confused on where it was going, at times. The author sets up a world where it seems very Victorian, where women are controlled by their families and married off - but the heroine displays attitudes that seem very at odds with this. Not that I have anything against heroines who speak up for themselves, I just would have liked to feel like there was a bit more of a background and progression. I didn't connect quite as well with the characters as I would have liked - and again, that's because its direction confused me, at times. I felt as though the author was leaning towards a love triangle, but then didn't, and the ending of the book was not at all what I had expected. Still, I enjoyed the world and a lot of elements of the story, and if there are other books to come, hopefully the author will have worked through the unevenness.