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Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins Wow, I zoomed through this!I really enjoyed this book. Our heroine, Sophie (not Sophia!) is sarcastic and easy to empathise with - even when she's terrified she can come up with a quip or two, and there were only a couple of times when I found this grating. At first I was reminded very strongly of HP, but that faded as I got in to the main part of the book, and learned more about the setting and the characters. Yes, there's the school, the love interest - but there's more than that, enough to keep me reading and interested.There were a few things that were predictable, but the heroine was interesting enough to keep me engaged, refreshing and interesting. It's nice to have a female heroine who gets scared but is strong, who has a crush but doesn't swoon, and who is awkward but makes friends. Too many authors seem to have characters who are either too perfect or plagued with doom, this was a good balance. If I have any complaint, it's that things weren't fleshed out more - I would have liked to read more of the interactions at the school. You've got me interested, tell me more! A promising start for this series.