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Firefly Lane - Kristin Hannah A tearjerker at times, and compelling, but I felt a bit as though the growth that we should have seen wasn't there. But by the same token, sometimes that's the way life is - people should grow and learn and change, and they don't. I felt that Kate had more growth than Tully did - Tully especially seemed to always be looking for something more, and even at the end I wasn't sure if she'd really learned anything. It's good enough that it drew me in, but thinking back on it, I would have liked more - to be drawn into why and how certain things happened. Like how Johnny fell in love with Kate, when Tully seems to be more his type - of course, I always got the feeling that Tully just wanted Johnny because the life that he gave Kate was the one thing that she didn't have. But how did Johnny fall in love with Kate? What sustained their marriage? We're told that he loves her, but not shown. At the end I was left with the niggling question of whether or not Johnny would go to Tully - he told Kate he wouldn't, but I wasn't so sure. I would have liked to feel more certain of that, since their love was so deep. We were told over and over that he'd never do that to Kate, but we never hear why. The ending made me cry, with its unfairness - there are glimmers of the hope that maybe Tully will learn and change, but I would have liked to be more certain of that.Still, an enjoyable read.